New Product Feedback

“We have started using the DEVINER and the new Tri-Penta Wrench from MADI and they are safer and save time for our crews.”
Steve Brockman, Tampa Electric

Just prior to Tropical Storm Beryl we received our shipment of DEVINERS and we were grateful.  After the storm passed over our island, we had hundreds of limbs hanging on our lines and hundreds more hanging by vines in the trees just waiting to fall.  We were able to use the DEVINER to remove lots of these limbs, from the ground, saving us many man hours of out rigger ups and downs.  If it weren’t for Wayne sending a sample a few weeks earlier I would not have believed how useful this tool really is.  We have one on every bucket truck.

Tom Moen
Florida Public Utilities Safety, Compliance and Training

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Coming Soon: MADI Exhibits @ the IUOTA/IUSTA Expo
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Coming Soon: MADI Exhibits @ the 33rd Annual International Lineman’s Rodeo & Expo!
Date: October 12th-15th, 2016
Where: Overland Park Convention Center – Overland Park, KS
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