Welcome to MADI! The Home of Utility Industry Innovation

MADI is a manufacturer and marketer of innovative utility tools for linemen. MADI offers game changing products in the following categories: Hot Stick Tools & Accessories, Skinning Knives, Pocket Knives, Wire Brushes, Wrenches and Striking Tools. All products are conceived, designed, developed and tested by linemen. MADI’s products are truly unique and deliver safer solutions and improved efficiency for linemen worldwide.

Examples of MADI’s innovation portfolio include new to the world products such as the Deviner, Double-Header, Penta Socket Driver, Tri-Penta Wrench, Tri-Square Big Wrench, BrushBlade “The Lineman’s Knife”, DogBone Wire Brush, FlatRound Wire Brush, Lineman Hammers, and the MADI ONE-FLIP Lineman Pocket Knife Range.

“Throughout my 45 year career at a major utility company, I had the opportunity as lineman and as a crew supervisor to observe what worked and what needed improvement. My desire is to make a lineman’s work easier and more efficient through the development of new and exciting products for the industry.”
Ralph Stinson

MADI believes in Making A Difference through Innovation by giving back a portion of proceeds to support families who need financial support to adopt domestically or internationally.

Check out these new MADI Tool Reviews!!

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The Slot Socket

The Deviner

The Tri-Square Big Wrench

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