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The DOUBLE-HEADERTM Universal Attachment tool is a unique tool that lineman can use on the end of an extendo or insulated switch stick.  It allows the use of two different tools on one stick.

They say “two heads are better than one” and MADI agrees.  Save time and carry fewer hot sticks by using the DOUBLE-HEADERTM to attach two different universal tool accessories to the same stick.  The DOUBLE-HEADERTM maximizes speed and convenience.  Why change the accessory when you can just twist the stick!

Common Combinations:

  • De-Viner & Pruning Saw
  • V Groove Wire Brush & Clamp Stick Head
  • V Groove Wire Brush & Skinning Knife
  • Conductor Gauge & Disconnect
  • V-Groove Wire Brush & Tube Type Brush

Patent Pending

Catalog #:  DH-1

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